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Considering the countless things that can go wrong, it is very important to lay down precautionary measures that will protect us and our family. The future can bring in many joys but sadly, it is also very possible that the next moment, you will be forced to adjust dramatically in reaction to accidents or other unfortunate events. This is why we value life insurance so much because it gives us a shield against these kinds of things. Our decision can define much of how well we’d be able to tackle them. 

When it comes to choosing the best life insurance in Singapore, it’s hard to ignore AXA and its comprehensive options. One of the most competitive in the market today, it provides robust protection plans to policy holders at flexible premiums.

Here we are going to talk about one of its products, AXA Life Treasure II and see if its the right one for you.

AXA Life Treasure II at a glance…

When it comes to customisability, this is one of the best players in town. It covers a wide range of benefits and on top of the base sum, you can opt for comprehensive add-ons that will make your protection plan more robust. It covers critical and terminal illnesses, total and permanent disability, and death. 

AXA Life Treasure II Features

Flexible payment options 

You can choose from the payment scheme options provided by AXA: 10, 15, 20, or 30 years and this can be done on an annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly basis. 

Advanced Disability Payout

In the event that you will no longer be able to carry out 2 of the 6 activities of daily living, you will be eligible for the advanced disability payout. Aimed at easing the financial burden caused by sudden incapacity to carry out these crucial tasks, this feature will make sure that you have the right tools in facing such challenges.

How to strengthen your AXA Life Treasure II

Earlier, we have hinted at the high customisability of this life insurance plan. While you are covered through the basic protection of the plan, you are given the opportunity to exercise control by tweaking here and there to cater to your needs. With its comprehensive add-ons, it’s not hard to build the perfect plan for you.

Multiple Benefit Rider

You can boost your coverage by applying the 2, 3, 4, or 5 multiplier allowed by AXA. This will take effect on your basic sum assured and can go until the age of 65, 70, or 80. Take note that this is one of the longest terms offered in the market today. You can also opt to lowering your multiplier should your responsibilities start to lessen.

Critical Illness Benefit Riders

AXA offers different option you can boost your defence against the financial implications of disability and critical illness. The following can help you build a comprehensive critical illness protection:

  1. Critical Illness Benefit (II) Rider – this provides protection against any of the 56 Critical Illnesses categorised as Advanced Stage.
  2. Early Critical Illness Benefit (II) riders – this provides protection against any of the 162 medical conditions listed by AXA

What’s more is you can receive an additional 50% of the rider sum assured in the event that you will be diagnosed with Advanced Stage of the Top 5 Common Critical Illnesses.

Get additional coverage with hassle

Don’t want to go through another harrowing process of underwriting but want to boost coverage? You no longer have to worry because this can easily be done upon key life events.

Is AXA Life Treasure II the right life insurance for you?

This insurance plan is a good choice if you are expecting or planning to boost your basic coverage at a later date. It allows ample amount of control for you to be able to build a holistic protection plan. The multiplier taking effect up until 80 years old is also something to consider as this is not offered by other insurance companies. 

How to choose the best insurance plan for you

The price of premiums you pay differ according to the comprehensiveness of the basic coverage of your plan. Some insurance companies offer more features, naturally at a greater cost. On the other hand, there are also those that focus on providing protection for those who are leaning towards more affordable options. There are also insurance plans that specifically focus on providing protection for specific people like smokers, who will have a hard time during underwriting because of the health implications of their habits.

This means that there will always be the right insurance plan for you and a good starting point to figure out which one is to determine the amount of coverage that you and your family needs.

What does it mean? 

You need to take a look at your income and spending, family situation, and if you have liabilities at the moment and how long you are expecting to carry them. These three things are good initial considerations for you to have an idea just how much insurance you need.

Tips in getting life insurance

First time insurance policy shoppers should take note of a few things when it comes to buying a policy. 

First, make sure that you get covered as early as possible

As you get older, life insurance premiums available for you generally get more expensive. Starting as early as possible ensures that you get all the protection you need at the lowest cost possible.

Take the opportunity to boost your coverage 

Riders can improve your coverage to provide more protection for you and your family. To get to know your options, you’d want to check with your financial consultant or any professional in the field.


Getting the best life insurance policy can be intimidating at first but with enough information, you’d be able to exercise good judgement. If you have questions, feel free to drop us a message! 



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