AIA Guaranteed Protect Plus III

It’s now time for you to choose the right life insurance to provide the right protection for you and your family in case the worst is going to happen. What’s great about the situation is, we actually have a lot of decent options to choose from. However, precisely because of that, the process can be intimidating and tedious for most. 

This is why we provide reviews on this product so you can have a bird’s eye view on the most important aspects about these life insurance policies. Here, we are going to talk about one of the key players in the market today: AIA and its Guaranteed Protect Plus III.

At a glance…

This policy offers protection covering total and permanent disability and death. Its multiplier options provide the policy holder the ability to boost the coverage of their plan from x2 to x5. Covering up to 65 or 75 years old, it provides ample protection for those who want to upgrade their base policies. Another feature that makes this enticing is the accumulated cash value over time.

AIA Guaranteed Protect Plus III Features

Payment options

There are three payment options made available by AIA. You can choose from the 15, 20, 25 years premium payments. This means that after the chosen time period of paying premiums, the benefits will stay in effect.

Cash value and bonuses

Among the best things about this kind of life insurance is the guarantee you get from the cash value accumulation feature and potential bonuses that you may get from time to time. This hits two birds with one stone because as you provide protection for yourself and your family, you are also earning and saving on the side. 

Involuntary retrenchment coverage

In case you are involuntarily retrenched, you have the option to postpone premiums for up to 12 consecutive months. This means that you are still able to continue your plan despite falling into involuntary unemployment. 

Encash for retirement

Upon retirement, you have little to worry about in terms of financial capabilities because you will be able to encase 50% or 100% of your cash value that you will receive annually for 10 years. This is a good supplement to your retirement plan.

Upgrades for key milestones

As we advance in life, we encounter milestones that change our lives drastically. AIA recognises these key life events and provides avenues for upgrades that can totally improve how you tackle them. Examples of these key life events are marriage and birth or adoption of your child. 

Additional Options

If you want to have a wider coverage of your protection, AIA offers flexible and comprehensive options. This makes it easier for policy holders to tweak their plans to cater specific needs.

Critical Illness Protection

This critical illness add-on option will give a more robust protection against CIs, removing a large part of the stress from your conscious mind. This way, you are able to focus on recovery and other more important things.

1. AIA’s Early Critical Protector Life III

It provide coverage for up to 150 multi-stage CIs and up to 15 conditions placed under the special category. Examples of the latter are complications due to diabetes and osteoporosis. 

2. Critical Protector Life III

This CI protection covers up to 73 critical illnesses reaching major stages.

Premium Waiver Riders

There are waivers available for you so that if you are diagnosed with critical illness, you will remain as protected as possible. Here you can opt for the Critical Protector Waiver of Premium II and Early Critical Protector Waiver of Premium II.

What we love about AIA Guaranteed Protect Plus III

When it comes to incentivising a healthy lifestyle, AIA is ahead of its time. They provide wellness programmes that will tender their products and services another dimension. This support on positive habits and behavioural changes contribute a great deal not only to policy holders but to the overall health of the community itself. 

AIA’s PowerUp Dollar will grant you an additional 25% in coverage, added to your basic sum. If you’re wondering if you need to pay more premium to avail that, the answer is no. What’s more is you can increase what you get from PowerUp Dollar by improving your AIA Vitality Status. There will also be a 15% discount on premiums for the policy holders who passed AIA’s criteria. 

You save while you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sounds like a 100% win for AIA’s policy holders.

More from AIA…

To cater to specific needs, there are more AIA products you can choose from.

AIA Pro Lifetime Protector II

Covering death, disability, and 150 multi-stage CIs, this protection also provides feature-packed riders that start as los as S$7 per day.

AIA Secure Flex Team

Affordability that doesn’t compromise the future of your loved ones? This is the perfect one for you. Highly flexible and covering all the basics you need, AIA makes sure that you get the most out of your money.

Direct – AIA Term Cover

An insurance that you can get directly from AIA without the help of financial advisers, this term cover provides impressive coverage without hurting your finances.

Direct – AIA Whole Life Cover II

Another Direct Purchase Insurance plan, this one offers affordable premiums to individuals up to 100 years old. 

Choosing the right life insurance may seem at first, especially when you have little information about the products available. If you have any questions regarding AIA Guaranteed Protect Plus II, don’t hesitate to drop us a comment.